Smart Home Technology

Do you know what is the number of electronic devices used by an American household?
It’s surprising to know that an American citizen on average uses 24 electronics products in their house.
The next question is that how do you monitor all these products?

You always have the doubt, whether you switched off your TV, closed the garage door, turned off the gas line or closed your water line, etc.
It’s a never-ending problem for everybody.

Imagine you just rushed to the office as it was getting late, but on the way you had a nagging doubt, whether you have switched off the geyser in the bathroom?
Isn’t it a very difficult situation, you can’t go back home to check since it is already getting late for office? It is right on these times you had wished for some technology, which could help you control your home remotely.

Here comes the idea of “Smart home.” Your home can be turned Smart so that you have a master key- smartphone or tablet and help you control your household gizmos remotely. It’s like having a one solution for all your problems.

Going one step ahead, you don’t even have to control these devices remotely, but they are clever enough to learn whether you are at home and in need of it and switch on & off accordingly. Won’t it be very nice to have all your devices at your home act in an intelligent way so that you don’t have to worry about when groceries are getting over to order since your fridge automatically does it or worries about switching on & off of lights and air conditioners, washing machine’s, etc.

Smart home automation connects all your devices into one device using a home network, and it is linked with your smartphone or tablet via the Internet.
You can manage all your household things by controlling your smartphone. More than that, you can pre-program every electronic device in your home, such as your lighting system, entertainment devices, yard watering, and so on.

Connecting yourself with your home appliances through your gadgets is the smartest way of living in the modern world.
You may think won’t keeping a person for maintaining your home can solve all your problems?
No, it’s costlier and unreliable.

Now, you have the doubt that “Smart home” will cost more for you?
You will be amazed to know that you don’t have to be Bill Gates to turn your home into a smart home. It’s now a mainstay of the consumer trend. You could see not just start-up companies innovating,many established companies coming out with a lot of products, which are very affordable.

It works based on sensors which automate everything from locking your home automatically when you are away to brew coffee for you early in the morning.
The technological revolution that is making smart homes possible is called the Internet of things. The internet of things enables objects at home or office be interconnected through digital networks helping you control them from anywhere.

Smart home applications range from security systems, lighting, home theater systems, air conditioning & refrigeration systems. The smart home automation market is worth $9.5 billion and is expected to increase to $44 billion by 2017.

Any device that works through electricity can be connected to home automation and can be controlled through voice, smartphone, tablet, etc.,
In essence, Smart homes are nothing but the interconnection of devices, which help you control remotely from anywhere through your smartphone or tablet.
Some companies are even coming out with home automation systems which turn them intelligent through sensors, which act by itself without your intervention. It is truly revolutionizing and is simplifying the lives for all of us.